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France Télévisions
Media Cloud AI
Open-source platform to process media contents by performing multiple AI (Artificial Intelligence) processes.
VIA (ex ABMA) , Belgium Broadcaster association
Slingshot (ex DMat/HDMat) checks and delivers TV commercials and long-form programs for Belgian broadcasters.
IMF in FFmpeg
Open source contribution to make FFMpeg support IMF standard as input format.
Lum:invent team
A French team of passionate experts
Driven by strong core values such as innovation, expertise, continuous, improvement, transparency, enthusiasm and …fun, Lum::invent aggregates talents with sharp, state-of-the-art and various knowledge to meet the most demanding media industry needs.
The mastery of advanced technologies
Lum::invent’s team has been harvesting in-depth knowledge in various programming languages and development tools to offer the most relevant solutions and services to media content professionals.
Rust C/C++ Python Docker RabbitMQ Grafana